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Wooden 4 Sided Herb Pocket

Wooden 4 Sided Herb Pocket

$ 35.00

From the Workshop of David T. Smith.

The wooden Herb Pocket with its leather hanging strap is approximately 3¾ x 4½ inches wide at the top and 11¼ inches tall.

On a Warren County, Ohio country road you will find a family home and business that dates back more than 35 years. Today this house is home not only to David T. Smith and his family, but also to the many skilled designers, cabinetmakers, finishers, potters, and other artisans that the business employs. The village-like atmosphere of board and batten shops that encircle the 1720s Connecticut-style salt box home has become known as "The Workshops of David T. Smith."

In the early 1970's, building on the farm David's father purchased in 1929, David completed construction of the home where he, his wife Lora, and three small children would reside. Through the late 70s, while working a full-time job, David began restoring and rebuilding antiques for antique dealers, collectors, and museums. He experimented with "aged" painted finishes and developed a line of reproductions to market to the public. By 1980, with local resources for aged lumber and antique parts exhausted, David left his full-time job to devote himself to reproducing American antique furniture reproductions in New England, Shaker, and Pennsylvania German styles. The business began as "David T. Smith - Cabinetmakers and Grainers."

Turtlecreek Potters, still operating on the grounds today, originated in 1984. In an attempt to fulfill the need for hard-to-find quality accessories for his furniture line, David spent many hours in museums and their archives researching early American redware. He developed an original lead glaze and built an outdoor wood fired kiln. The result was a very authentic line of redware plates and thrown forms that antique and pottery collectors embraced. After the success of the pottery, and with a desire to expand and enhance the onsite creative American crafts atmosphere, a blacksmith forge and carving shop were added. The business then became "The Workshops of David T. Smith."

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