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Remote-Controlled Clip-On Mini Battery Tapers

$ 6.99 $ 41.94

We are selling remaining Clip-On Mini Battery Tapers by set.  Free remote while supplies last. See list below.  Set prices are less than half of individual price - now even lower.

These are an adorable variation of our popular battery tapers. They can be turned on and off manually or with an available remote control.

Two mini-tapers sizes are available approximately:

  • Large: 4½ inches tall by ¾ of an inch wide (including clip 5¼ inches tall and 2⅛ inches wide
  • Small: 3½ inches tall and ⅝ of an inch wide (including clip 5 inches tall and 1½ inches wide.

Small, five per bag: 1 bag, ivory; $13.99 per bag - now only $6.99.

Large, six per bag (except mixed colors - see below): 3 bags, burnt ivory; 2 bags, burgundy; 2 bags, brown. $19.99 each - now only $6.99

Large Mixed Colors, five per bag.  (combination of ivory, burgundy, brown) 2 bags, $14.99 each - now only $6.99

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