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Sack Back Windsor Arm Chair

Sack Back Windsor Arm Chair

$ 520.00

Our heirloom quality Windsor chairs are made for you by a family-owned firm in West Virginia.  The Sack Back Windsor Arm Chair is 41.5" high, 17" deep and 24.25" wide.  Available in your choice of color. 

Direct shipping ONLY: Call  256-309-9085 for shipping costs and to place an order. If you order online, we will send separate invoice for shipping, due before order is placed. 


Lawrence Crouse Workshop was founded in 1972 under the most romantic of circumstances.  When Larry Crouse wanted to ask for Martha’s hand in marriage, her father suggested he needed a career if Larry wanted to marry his daughter.  After college, Larry had apprenticed a Virginian cabinet maker.  Coupling that with Martha’s parents’ large antique collection and Larry’s father’s custom home construction business, Larry was inspired.  It was a natural marriage of ideas when Larry began to restore antiques for local dealers and collectors.  Larry had won the perfect woman and found the perfect career.

As his business grew, the restorations for customers became requests for custom furniture pieces.  Larry discovered a new passion for these projects and became interested in building high caliber reproduction furniture.  His early work included a wide variety of large custom pieces from dressers and corner cabinets to grandfather clocks and dining tables.  As he refined his skills and tastes in creating, Larry became an expert on 18th century furniture.

As his business expanded further, Larry began selling to hundreds of reputable shops across the nation and even internationally.  Larry’s done a great deal of work with the National Park Service.  Larry’s expertise is unmatched and he’s been a resource for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.  One of those individuals is his son, Abe.

Abe says he’s been working in the family business since he “was old enough to push a broom.”  In more recent history, Abe has been by his father’s side learning and adding his own flare to the furniture.  Abe’s favorite line is the collection of chairs.  If you purchase a Lawrence Crouse chair, it was likely hand crafted by Abe himself.

In time, Larry looks forward to retiring and leaving the business in the capable hands of his son.  After forty years of quality craftsmanship and expert reproduction, the Lawrence Crouse Workshop does not just make furniture – they create art that will last for generations.

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