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Peace Works Bookmarks by Lydia P. Allen

$ 32.99

We have one left from a small number of exquisite hand-made bookmarks from Early American Life magazine Directory of Traditional American Crafts member Lydia Allen.  Each is approximately 5 1/2" tall and each is a work of art:

"Lydia is a  wool artist from Kentucky whose inspiration for wool art has evolved from a love and appreciation for the creative handwork of early Americans, from very primitive to very detailed pieces. Her wool creations incorporate themes and patterns that symbolize peace and simplicity and give her art its name—Peace Works.

Allen has always been fascinated with needlework and handmade pieces, appreciating the time and creativity each contains. Her embroidery days began at an early age with a wooden hoop, a printed design on muslin, and lots of colorful floss. Today some of those materials have changed, but she still loves being creative and sharing that with others. She began stitching with wool began about 14 years ago.

Like the wool penny rugs from the early 19th Century, the works Allen creates use mostly recycled wool from clothing and blankets. New pieces of wool are blended with the old. All of the shades, textures, and patterns fit together to create an image that always tells a story.

She hopes the intricate wool art she designs will inspire others to develop a special appreciation for the art of needlework and handmade pieces—and that those works will ensure that a craft of the early Americans will never be forgotten."

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