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Gift Set: Deep Dish Lite Bowl, Botanical Blend, Decorative Taper

$ 49.00 $ 77.78

At our shows, customers love how we combine different products.  Here's a popular combination sold as a set especially for Facebook customers:

A Deep Dish Lite Bowl from Tin Peddler makes a statement at approximately 6 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It has a flat black rustic finish on the outside.

Fill it with this richly scented Balsam Woods fragrance. (Contains approximately 5 cups. Contents may vary depending on availability.)

Then top it with the Pine Wreath Decorative Battery Taper.  Approximately 6.5" tall, this taper is powered by batteries.  It has a timer capability --  will stay on for about five hours, turn off and then turn on at the same time the next day. (Please note the candle in the adjoining photo is displayed in a different candleholder.)

Sold separately, these will retail at $77.78.  Facebook special is all three for $49. Only three sets available.



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