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Mooresville Mercantile Showroom is located in “The Little House,” built circa 1960 and expanded several times. The Hearth Room walls are covered with barn wood from a structure once located on the property.

  Lyla’s Little House and Cook House is located in the Aunt Mandy and Uncle Zack Simmons Cottage, circa 1890.  The cottage is typical of the Downing Gothic style.  The building is fondly remembered for the party Mr. and Mrs. Simmons hosted each year for the entire town.  Owner Lyla Peebles recently restored the cook house behind the cottage.

Stagecoach Inn and Tavern was built before 1825 and is the oldest frame public building in the stage. The post office was originally on the right (south) side of the building.  Many original features remain.  The building was restored in the 1990’s and is owned by the Town of Mooresville.

Peebles Party Barn is a center of Mooresville hospitality with space for large groups, a welcoming fireplace, antiques and comfortable seating. Lyla and Woody Peebles generously allow town social events to be held at the Party Barn, including the dessert and coffee bar for the annual Historic Mooresville Holiday Home Tour and Progressive Dinner.

Next door is Lyla's Catering Kitchen, where the candy making workshop will be held.

JaVa.Mooresville is the town’s coffee shop, antique and art gallery.  The brick building, circa 1903, was originally the Richardson Country Store.  It is still owned by the Richardson family.  Jack McReynolds and Valerie Connaughton operate JaVa.Mooresville.

The Mooresville Brick Church was built circa 1839 and has served Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist congregations.  Now deconsecrated, it is owned by the Town of Mooresville.  It was built during the Greek Revival period of hand-made bricks.


To register, please call 256-309-9085.